Nov 25, 2009

An Intro to Bigerrfish

Hi my name is bigerrfish and I just surfaced from the underground fishing world and now it's time that I pry my way into the heads of those darn trout, I'm going to access them via other fisherman. Do you care to join me?
Bigerrfish doesn't mean I catch bigger fish than any body nor does it mean my fish is bigger than yours. It means that my next one will be bigger, the fish you ask... not sure. I am not a snob, you what to know what I'm using? I'll show you. you want one? I'll give you one or two. you want to know where I fish? I'll tell you. You want to freakin go? I'll take you. Ask me how I'm fishing the fly and I'll say a bunch of crap you cant make since of but I still told you. You want me to cast it for you? Mend for you? net it for you? The point is, most fisherman think they have all of the secrets and not willing to share and I have determined it all comes back to EXECUTION. The keeping of the secrets lye's in the head of the fisherman who ultimately have been practicing on fooling fish, this is rubbing off on the other fisherman. It's just fisherman fooling fishermen. You have to be able to execute the plan.. Last week on the river the rainbows would eat my nymph every time it hit bottom and the emerger would get taken by the brown just under the surface. It was like they were working for me trying to make me happy, competing against each other to eat theirs first, blind to the fact the boss was profiting like never before. I told all my friends and haven't a word back from anyone willing to execute. Have you ever been to hatchery and thrown a hand full of pellets to them...? What did you learn from this? That there was a lot of fish? that they were hungry? That they like the pellets? how about they showed you what they were, natural eaters, creatures of habit, Health nuts? The pellets are there, they make a turd, they don't hurt, and there good for you, sure there going to eat em all day. Back to the river, where a constant flow of food comes at them by the hand full. If they have seen it before, If it goes down easy, doesn't hurt, makes a turd, and isn't too hard to catch then they will eat it every time. So we know it all lets go throw some food to the fish, in search for Bigerrfish.. Thanks for reading and I'll be back.