May 4, 2010

Smiles All Around

Fly Fishing with my wife Summer, was all that I expected it to be and then some.

We arrived at the river just past 8:30. Thought I would show her where I had been seeing fish and see if we could spot one for her. When we got to the water, they were wide awake and feeding heavy.

I had two rods rigged up differently to save time, we had to leave before 2:00, that's 45 minutes into the baetis hatch, bummer huh? It's all good cause were loaded for bear as far as nymphs go..

I watched the flies descend with every drift, as she placed them in the feeding lines of four big trout. Watching fish eat is fun for me and fun for her apparently, we stayed at that spot for a lot longer than I thought she would. After realizing that she was very serious about, not Just hooking a fish but she really wants one of these ones!! Two hours of intense sight fishing she was rewarded by a beautiful Rainbow, the first fish of the day, being not only the biggest, but the funnest fighter for her, and the fish with the best colors.
Mission accomplished and we walked away from the other three, Had a quick snack tied some knots and then she comes up with this crazy idea to start catching the snot out of them.. She could hardly keep them off her line and I couldn't get the net put away.
She hooked and landed 10 fish from 12:00 to 1:20.....smiles! all around!!!!

One Brown shy of a Hat Trick.
Hot flies... S&M's, Master baitis, and white head purple flash back pt's


Midgeman said...

Congrates to both you and the wife! As I mentioned mine has been on the water with me for thirty years and the cool thing is that she understands how I fish. She never gets the twitches to move to a new location if I'm working to a good fish, never goes into panic mode, having to switch fly after fly in hopes of finding something magic, reads the water and bugs well and best of all we're both pretty good cooks so camplife is great! Between her and your boy you're in for some great times... Another good move on your part!!!

AYearOnTheFly said...

Great post... again. Got the wife out fishing with ya,,,, sweet. way to go.

Colorado Angler said...

There ya go, Josh! That's the way to do it - and it looks like it was a grand ol' time. I imagine she's got the advantage with you as her 'guide'...

I agree with Midgeman - you are in for some great times.

Bill Trussell said...

My wife fish with me before we got married. After we had kids she stop going and has gone very little since then. You are lucky a man.

Coloradocasters said...

Sweet smiles indeed! Sometimes its nice when the other person gets the fish.