Jul 24, 2010

Snatch The Pebble From My Hand

I happened to be on a back road last week, and saw a little stream I have never fished. Well I had to go back that way on Friday and wanted to make the "never" go "bye bye"

I am always a little shy of hitting new water. Just because knowledge is power. I just had to see what kind of fish were here, and what an average size would be. Not enough time to totally dissect the joint, but the family and I stopped for a minute just to see what could be made of it.
This stream reeks Hopper dropper. Midgeman was probably pulling the one off his eye just as I was rigging one up. most of the water is shallow and moving at a good clip.

First couple fish were tiny little brookies. I was about to name the place a big brookie stream with tiny fishies, until I walked up on a rainbow sitting in shallow water feeding on the bottom. Dropped my junk in it's face and it drank the dropper.

Wasn't counting on Browns or Rainbows at all, but one of each, all colored up, and healthy. One on the top, wit da hop, and one on the drop after a plop.

Some of the bloggers I follow, recently talked briefly about bright colors and how things should be more earth tones,, I cant help but notice how bright my getup looks in the picture above, (street clothes)... Check out the shot below, I think it blends in quite well.

Disney land of Rocks.
Gump had it right... you never know what your gonna get.
"Hats off" to the fork.
Sorry, no pics of two and three inch Brook trout.
Hot flies... Hopper with the Rubberleg dropper, yea that's like an 1/4 ounce of elastic.


troutrageous1 said...

"Do you hear the grasshopper that is at your feet?"

"Old man, how is it that you hear these things?"

"Young man, how is it that you do not?"

Love Kung Fu...shame David Carradine had to croak in such an "odd" fashion.

Anyway, congrats in finding some new (to you) trout water. Looks like a very healthy fishery.

Shoreman said...

I'd say a good day for a "first time" stream.


Midgeman said...

Actually I kind of like the street clothes look! If you were a bit shorter and the river was mudded up you almost could have pulled off the old Willy Wonka and the Chocloate Factory / Umpalompa thing! Seems the fish didn't mind a bit and you look like you're having a ton of fun. That's all that matters!

Jeff Allen said...

Since you're calling it the "fork" and it seems like your trying to keep the river a secret ... I'm pretty sure I know what river that is and it's not a little stream! Furthermore, Michelle caught one of her biggest fish from that river (it was about a 5 lb. rainbow, and I know of dudes that have hooked 9 lb. browns and lived to tell about it.

Yeah, you should keep going there! Sadly, it is now a 4 hour drive for me, but one of my favorite rivers.

Bigerrfish said...

@ Jeff-- Is somebody getting a little home sick already? Tired of all the people,
It is not a big river, in my book... Secret.. na I could care less if THE LAKE FORK OF THE GUNNISON turns into something like what you have to deal with on the front range,, If I wasn't planning on living here a while I would spill it all.. but the 9 pound browns are probably 10 or 11 by now and ready to run back down to BLUE MESA RES.

well there you all go, Please buy some cheap flys on the web and head over there and get ya one of those 9 pounders,

David McKenzie said...

I cant tell you how many times my wife has had to "wait for a min while I check this out" Ha. Nice fish and report.

softhacke said...


Bill said...

"Knowledge is power" is spot on and I feel the same way a bit when I'm trying new waters. Usually though it turns out being a pretty good adventure.

Colorado Angler said...

Dude - Nice little diversion. Sticking some wiggly-sticks when scoping out new water is a bonus on any day.

I think you may be on to something with your green shirt...it actually does blend in!

Bill Trussell said...

The mark of a good fisherman---just stop at a wild steam and start catching trout---well done---by the way the pics are sharp.