Feb 11, 2010

Get A Bigerrnet

We hear and tell all kinds of stories about the size of someone Else's net.... I'm sure you all can recall one time or another where you thought someones net was too small and imagined them trying to get a good stab at a fish with it.

Or what about the one that you think is too big, you think damn that's a big net what the hell are you planning on netting with that one, someone carrying one could tell you they need a big net to catch a big fish.

Funny subject isn't it? Hardly anyone talks about it but it's there...

I lost my favorite net last month, it was the perfect size and weight for me, people said it was too big....what ever!

The one I have now you might have seen in my post "Off With The Rags" they say is too small...

The point of this post is to encourage you and them both to keep the nose on the face.

This net here can catch more nice fish than any other net, and its the perfect size...... No were not talking about tropical fish here..

There is a bit of a riddle going on here I would love to know what you make of it!! Drop a comment!!

Feb 2, 2010


I've been playing a deadly game of roulette lately.
by roulette I mean roulette! one shot! let me tell you how this relates to fly fishing and tying.

If you tie, then you probably know that, when you finish a fly that you've never tied before, the next thing you do is tie another so you have at least two. Right? I practiced this rule for a while then one day I decided to always go at least three. This way, there is two flies to fish, or loose and the third one is to remind me to tie more. (I would like to hear about your tying rules of thumb).

Back to the roulette... I've been spending a little extra time at the tying table lately making up just one, of some crazy fly. When one is finished I've been tying something else whacked, Hanging these flies that would make anyone go whoa! in my box and saving them for a day like today.

Call me crazy, I know, what if one of them works real good and I loose it,,, That's what were hoping for ya see.. it's roulette!

I have two realistic options for today, both involve the mighty Unc. One is the local park which has some great holes and AAAA-lot of little fish, it gets some pressure too, but can be warmer here. on an average day I can expect to hook up with 6-10 fish one over 16 would be rare but possible. Second I can take a 15 drive up to a little colder area with less fish but there Bigerr... I think for game of roulette I'm going for the bigger fish, thus bringing more consequence for the hidden bullet.

Sometimes we just need a little direction.......

The first little run I fished caught me a little off guard, There was slush spiraling in the vertex which seamed to be a magnet to my leader. I moved down a Little and two drifts later A... BIG brown stuck my fly to his nose, gave a couple of shakes, to say hello then came toward the top to show me he was real then gently returned the fly..

Just up river, A little deeper but more difficult hole to fish, difficult? Ok its almost impossible. You have one foot of drift to get your flies down four feet,, 3-2-1, now its either fish or snag. My first drift through here was fish, not snag.

Decent brown.

Bitchin spots! huh?

White tips on top of all that!

Thank you!!

Now my hand is wet! I was already cold so I pussed out an built a lil Indian fire.

After warming my hands I stand up and head for that impossible drift 2-1- snag...? NOPE huge ass rainbow THE BIGGEST RAINBOW I HAVE EVER SEEN IN THIS RIVER..EVER BY FAR!
(but I've only been fishing it since 1994) It comes up to the surface and is just a splashing the snot out of the water,, this makes me nervous big times. Then... life goes into slow motion, giving me time to think about what I ate for dinner last night , what a picture of this fish might look like.. Then I was directed to a thought about A SHAKING FISH I heard about a couple of days ago and thought.., damn it Ron don't you jinx me......Then SHAKE SHAKE....... breaks me off. Thanks Ron. No problem I'll just tie on another one of those and go hunt down another.....Oh wait this is roulette.. don't have another one..What a dip I am. oh well...Onward.

This is my last hole for the day and It's a goodie, but its got a funkie current at the bottom that pushes the flies up, causing you to add weight, making it harder to detect a strike. Either way there was a pretty decent rainbow living here.

So to conclude the day I seen four fish. All of them took my fly. Landed two of them, lost two flies. Had a blast shooting myself in the head!