Mar 31, 2010

The Aquarium The A section The Green

I stuffed a cheep water proof camera down between my feet and hit the button... The amount of fish is astronomical... catching them when there is over 100 boats and even the guides are hooking each others clients, is a whole different story.

This will be my last post until I get home on the 11th, unless I find a PC during intermission.... I'll leave you with a picture of the biggest water fight on a river in history I figured there were around 75 people involved at one point. I had the baddest water gun in the bunch making me a huge target.. it was a freakin blast... however those fish and I have a grudge match to commence and I aint bringing no silly water guns next time!

I'm on the purple toon with the white shirt on the left. My friend is taking the picture, looking down river. and he is right in the middle of the group. Up river, looks like someone opened the gate at the running with the bulls.

Couple more.

Mar 29, 2010

The Zebra and The Frog

Is it backwards week or something? Because I didn't get the memo!

The river has been dirty in the morning and clearing in the afternoon, I get why, but it doesn't usually work like that.

We had a 60 degree day and a nasty ice storm that night.

Stumbled across a frog in the snow.....weird..

I guess when you cant beat em, join em, so I tied some zebra midge larva backwards....sorta.

hook- 2487 size 20

thread- 8-0 flat waxed

rib- black wire

head- white glass bead

Mar 28, 2010

900 mile bug

One of my traveling buddies for the long road ahead... this one should be stuck in a lip in 7 days or less!! A Midgeman inspired fly...

Mar 22, 2010

Carefull those are Poisonous

I have been reading Midgemans flybox quite a bit lately... It's a blog that has a whole lot of usefull information about midges and most importantly, midge fishing. Usefull to one who has simply... had enough, enough surprise takes from a fish darting out and drinking a fly... Usefull to one... who wants to be the surprizer and not the surprizie... make since?

Hot topic lately has been the "Poison Tung" here are the last words of his post...
The tying process isn’t involved at all as it’s basically just; bead, wire, collar, whip finish and as a result this is a productive little pattern that’s quick to produce in good numbers. All said, any of the Poison Tung variations will generally fish well! When I read things like this I get the same little rush you get when you hear a fish jump and you dont see it.... but I need to see it.

I tied a few that would for sure, fall in the variation catagorie but, dude said it was cool.
My situation calls for black and red I tied some with three strands, two black and one red piece, the wire wraped parrallel, and a few with black thread bodys and red wire spaced evenly. I couldnt resist using clear glass beads for the head.. so I guess its a poison glass.. Either way they work,,, Just fine...

And I used my gold stone to Pull it down..

Now the picture below is sure to get a reaction... I was pissed at first... then I was happy that I helped it, then I wondered what kind of idiot couldn't hold on to a little fish with 8lb test and a tripple it... cleaning up the fishery.
In case you didn't gather it yourself this poor fish had a huge lure and a huge piece of line attached to it face, but still ate the porkchop...Bummer deal that this kind of stuff goes on.. At least I got it off of its head and let em go,,, I kept ahold of the lure to hang on picture frame that has a bunch of old vintage tackle, there I will remember the day I helped someone who helped me.

Mar 18, 2010

New Skin

New skin for my thumb. I had to turn you tiers on to some stuff that I found. New skin is a flexible product that works like a bandaid.
Here is a weird series of events for you to process. My 9 year old cut his finger for the third time with a knife, I took the knife for 3 months the day I gave it back, my tying light broke. I got a new one which was zip tied to the hilt, trying to cut the zip ties, with the kids knife, I stick most of the blade in the tip of my thumb, now cant I cant tie with the new light.. I have been trying to tie some princes and holding a set of forked biots is,,,,, I don't know SUCKY needless to say I have a dozen crippled princes now..

Then I found this stuff called New Skin,,,,,,, Back in business!! MT here I come
Caught a rainbow yeaterday evening too.... Notice the bandaid on the thumb. AAAAAHHHHHRRRRGGGGG!

Mar 15, 2010

The Rule Breaker Pattern

hook- Barbless TMC 2457 size 18, I used a 16 knock off for these pictures
thread-8/0 red uni
ribbing- sm red wire
abdomen- red thread and crazy glue
head- sow bug dubbing
Also have a red sharpie and brush on crazy glue handy
Step-1 Load the hook like this and hit it with two or three coats of red sharpie don't worry it drys as soon as you blow on it, now hit it gently with the brush on glue. I know you can buy red hooks,, I'm not an idiot I swear,, I'll explain later. let the glue dry while you marvel at the fact that you just colored a hook red..why the glue?... cause now its red for ever.

Step-2 Load the hook as you normally would and attach your red wire from front to back with red thread. stay away from the eye. Note: I like to save my worn out bobbins for wire... It makes for less waste. Step-3 Build a body out of thread. Yea go ahead and give it that ever popular irresistible taper.
Step-4 Pretend like your an adult if your not one already, or your gonna hate me when your hook and vise become one.. Hit the thread with the crazy glue and wrap the wire FAST!... Fast because the thread is melting,,literally... the wire sinks into the melting thread and gives a look that, I like. Well that just screwed you out of using nail Polish now didn't it. Step-5 move your thread all the way to the eye, apply a pinch of sowbug dubbing (supper hairy stuff) make your head by coming through the area twice, ya know because we started at the eye and ending our head there.
Step-6 using your fingers, comb all the long hairs up. until it has a mo-hawk (be aggressive with this step it come out cleaner) Now lean the mo-hawk back so you can whip finish it...... Now would be the best time to do that, twice. Then cut the thread. Step-7 Clip off the mo-hawk. Tap the glue on the knot and call it.... Bigerrfish's Rule Breaker. or take it and call it yours,, what ever catches fish!!

Ok, I have some explaining to do.. why I use marker and glue on the hook when you can buy red hooks..well I probably should use red hooks on red worm larva lookin flys but I haven't found hooks that come in brown and chartreuse, You?

gotta back up a pattern with a pic!!!

Mar 13, 2010

Iron Maiden Voyage

I have been looking at my new toon for almost a month now. I've been wonderin what it looks like in the sun, let alone How it fishes.
After hearing that my brother in-law was going to have Friday off..... I could... hear.. the cherry about to POP! We met up at 8 a.m. and hit the water by 9.

I rigged up a 9' 5wt rigged up for nymphing, and we were off!

Just a ways down from the launch There was a huge pile of stockers sipping midges, so we stoped, bit off the fresh rig, re-rigged with a two 22,s one, suspended emerger and one tiny zebra like midge. Spent a little time there messing with them.

Then it was time to cover a little ground. As we drifted further and further from the hatch, the nymphs went back on. Fishing was getting more and more frustrating as the midges would come in millions and be gone in a flash, I decided to to get serious mid way through and rigged up for the bottom with the go to's and stay there until we found em...

About 2:30 we realized we might wanna stop and eat and drink,,, ya know the two out of three things you can't go without.. third one's fishin by the way...

After a quick, and I mean quick bite to eat, sheesh I stuffed the second half of my sandwich in the pouch on my hoodie... I grabbed the only rod we had rigged and headed out to a drift that had a huge neon sign that read O vacancy... I think the N was burnt out. or was the O supposed to be off?

Shit ya not the second drift through it. I got to witness the...ever famous, disappearing thingamabober trick. When the thing Jumped the first time, I almost pee'd my waders, the second time...I pee'd em.... I hollard to Craig,, " I got a donkey dude!"

He very promptly came to my rescue with a net and a camera in hand! Thanks again Dude Bro Man..

Quickly... About this fly It's one of my ties with out a name until now.. It proudly carries the name "The rule Breaker".... why? Well here is the material list.....

Red marker

Super glue

Red thread

Red wire

and sow bug dubbing for the head with a hair cut. and more glue and markers while you got em out.

Mar 6, 2010

Hammer Down!

Boy Have I been busy at the bench 3 dozen in 3 days, all for my trip.
This means my butt has been... head cemented to a chair with no padding.
Thanks to my buddy Nate who lives in Livingston, for turning me on to some bitchin patterns. Also a shout out to Midgeman for sharing in one sentence, something that I may have NEVER learned on my own.
Today Is the annual Black Canyon Fly Fishing Show sounds like a whole lot of fun don't it?
That's why I'm heading to the dam just as soon as I hit the publish button... jokes on them this time, while there all at the show, casting to a foam fish in a kiddie pool, Ill be on the easy stuff.stickin trout..... Easy stuff,, means man made holes and concrete trails, lots of fish, and low crowds...(I hope it works like that)...sucka's

Mar 5, 2010

Whacked Out Photos

I thought I would share some photos I managed to mess up...

Mar 2, 2010

Forward March

March is here and butt kickin is in session!

Well a lot of stuff has been going down lately, all fishing related of course. Even being sick has been fishing related, I guess.

First of all I went fishing today for the first time in 8 days, I caught two rainbows the one above was a great fight, as well as the one I'm potentially holding responsible for freaking out any other fish that were in that run. None the less I'm finally feeling better the weather is warming up and I got this run off thing planned out.

I'm heading to Montana at the end of March to beat the crowds this year I hope, and beat runoff there, while its starting up here. I have been tying and tying to prepare for the mighty Mo. I should be a little more prepared this year but as my luck has it I'll tie 250 flies, slam them in a new box marked end of march, head up there find a fly shop and buy 6 or 12 of something and be set for a week.. I spin my wheels a lot but look out!!! when I get some traction...

Oh! and I got a new boat that's right.. I don't water ski..

Fish Cat 13 baby just another gadget to hook trout.. I don't guide. I aint rich. But I dig fishing!

I had a perfect opportunity to make a deal and I made know what I say about execution. I am such a sucker for those darn trout. Plus I can't go inviting peeps to float my bread and butta in that lil john boat you can kinda see in the background..not safe in the rapids!