May 24, 2010

Bigerrfish Month of May Award

"Bigerrfish Month of May Award" And the winning nymph is...
A pattern that I have revised from the S&M. It's tied much just like an S&M other than I strap a tiny piece of led to each side of the shank, and make the rest of the abdomen with thread and hot sticky stuff in a bottle.

With one week still left in May, with confidence I can show you my hottest bug of the month.

I have no reason to lye to nor do I have any reason to "blow up" the size, numbers, or species of fish.

The last three weeks, the fly above has taken over 100 fish from moving water, without question.. I have tied 6 dozen and have 2 and a 1/2 left. there are a few stuck in the hat and one or two in the visor, a couple made there way to Joel @ in exchange for a painting The rest are on the bottom, or the occasional, "where the hell is my fly". This bug has left a permanent impression in my "May mind" for life.

Here are the rest of the nominees...

May 15, 2010

Here Try This

Fished today with Greg, Greg hasn't had the opportunity to land a whole lot of fish on the fly, But he sure isn't scared to ask.

When he asked me if I could show him around a little and land some fish, I was determined to help him have a fun day of Colorado trout fishing.

The weather sure wasn't the perfect deal. looks like rain all day. I made the comment to Him, "this weather could make the fishing royally suck or it could be epic"
Turns out the fishing was as good as it can get! Chewed up flies, dull hooks, and a sore wrist! I had a whole lot of fun! a ton of trout hit the net. Greg even got a hat trick!

The fish above was seriously his first fish on like the third drift. Hell of a start huh?
No joke, This was the second fish, just another 5/6 drifts after the first.

One smaller fish was landed before this brown, but the brown was Greg's fourth fish, and of respectable size.

There's your hat trick Greg!! well done!! No pictures of the other 20 some little ones. I call those ones, practice..
Yep we gotta let em go!!

What ya think? you wanna give fly fishing a TRY? Too bad, we're not tryers....... We're doers!

Hot flies... Rs2's bwo's, midge larva, biggest fly was a size 20 bug tied on a short shank size 18 hook... meat grabber!! the rest were 22 and 24. Beginners freak out when they have to search around in the mouth of a fish trying to locate the fly.. Makes me smile!

May 13, 2010

Bass turds

I have been getting in to some wild conversations over at Coloradocasters blog... This guys name is Matt, a tooner, and a fisherman. Matt primarily uses spinning gear to land his bass, and the guy catches a lot of big ones..

After reading a post of his, where he starts naming the fish, he named one Clyde.. I sent him a little note, just challenging him to try one on a fly rod.. I just said "dude if you have a personal first name basis relationship with some fish... try to get one on the fly" Matt came back with some kind of crazy challenge for him to catch three species of fish on a fly before July 4th or he wants me to write a blog about nymphing for trout... At the end of his comment he said, " you better get to writing cause I'm dusting off my fly rod....

Now, is this a challenge that involves catching things in water with a fly rod and I'm not fishing?..... Not cool! I told the dude, he has a deal but if I catch Three of each species on the fly first......he writes the blog

You get all that dust off yet? bass are done, blue gill next, and.. I give up on the trout.. salmon eggs rock!!

May 11, 2010

The One That Got Away...From Someone

This was one of two big trout, I put the hook in the mouth of for today, the other one, well I didn't deserve it I guess.

I got into so many smaller fish they were scaring my big one. So I thought I might put on something kinda shiny and pull the little turds down and out! After beating them up a little, I changed up to the small stuff again.

I stood there and stared at the water took a minute or 10 and just waited and watched the big pig roll up and park. Time to put myself in the total, zone, forget about the wind disturbing the surface, making it hard to see, forget about the cast, the mends and all that, forget about everything, focus, and with every skill I could put in to the 6th drift on the second set of bugs..................White mouth!!

Dude was right... They forget, forgive, and reward

When the second BIG fish came unhooked... I literally rolled up and left.

Hot flies..... well like I said, the little ones ate every thing. The bigguns,, well the one above took a 20 gb-pt and the one I lost.. he was on the bottom one, which was a 22 lightning bug.

May 8, 2010

My First Fish Ever

The little toe head in the picture is Me when I was about a year and a half old, standing beside my Dad who still loves to take pictures like these. I wonder if the fish bit my fingers or something?... because I've been bitten, that's for sure!

Here is a couple of pictures from my last outing...

believe it or not, the day was,,, another hat trick..

May 5, 2010

Off Color & On Target

Had the urge to try a scud today in some super dirty water,,, I think a need some different material for tying my scuds,,,, because when mine get water on them, they swell up the size of a fish locating monster,,, the bug/fly don't matter, where you live doesn't either.. Catching fish comes from within....after the luck wears off that is......

May 4, 2010

Smiles All Around

Fly Fishing with my wife Summer, was all that I expected it to be and then some.

We arrived at the river just past 8:30. Thought I would show her where I had been seeing fish and see if we could spot one for her. When we got to the water, they were wide awake and feeding heavy.

I had two rods rigged up differently to save time, we had to leave before 2:00, that's 45 minutes into the baetis hatch, bummer huh? It's all good cause were loaded for bear as far as nymphs go..

I watched the flies descend with every drift, as she placed them in the feeding lines of four big trout. Watching fish eat is fun for me and fun for her apparently, we stayed at that spot for a lot longer than I thought she would. After realizing that she was very serious about, not Just hooking a fish but she really wants one of these ones!! Two hours of intense sight fishing she was rewarded by a beautiful Rainbow, the first fish of the day, being not only the biggest, but the funnest fighter for her, and the fish with the best colors.
Mission accomplished and we walked away from the other three, Had a quick snack tied some knots and then she comes up with this crazy idea to start catching the snot out of them.. She could hardly keep them off her line and I couldn't get the net put away.
She hooked and landed 10 fish from 12:00 to 1:20.....smiles! all around!!!!

One Brown shy of a Hat Trick.
Hot flies... S&M's, Master baitis, and white head purple flash back pt's