Sep 30, 2011

Big ol September Browns

Matt and I fished a 12 hour day on the boat.. The big fish were out today and we had our fill.

After floating through a nice run I whipped the boat to the bank and walked back up there... It was a tough wade but I made it all the way across and up river... I got three casts in there before the big brownie wanted to take me back down to the boat... Held the rod high and went for the ride where Matt was anxiously waiting with the big red net. It smashed the Rick Takahashi Go2 Prince in the color purple, size 16.

Each September kicks me in the behind, all right around the 20Th it's like I can barely breath. Fishing gets on my mind heavier than any other time and I drop all my problems on the floor of the garage and switch them for new ones. Load up too much stuff, add one more thing that I have no use for and row a heavy boat down the river in search of fish that don't like people..

What a problem huh?

By the end of the day we had nearly seen it all... fish flying out of the water, but missing the fly, twice. Two of us walking a flat and targeting specific rising trout, Monster browns willing to eat right on a re-cast.. ohhh "ya blew it"...
The net got wet...

We fished three rods and shared them all.. One rigged with Nymphs, fishing 6 to 8 feet deep... A dry fly rig, and the curtain climber sat in the bottom and wasn't needed.
Matt's best fish of the day was taken on one of CJ's worms

This is the third year in a row that I have seen a massive toad hatch on the sandy beaches of the river..
I threw a few of them out for a swim and watched as they didn't make it past the riffles before getting Kablooshed!

It was a perfect day for me and the photo below may show where my mind is and how I feel at the moment.


Stephanie and Dustin said...

Perfect day...agreed.


Charlie L. said...

UNREAL! I am very jealous, Nice work!

Jim Browning said...

Josh .. The Bigerrfish always loves him some fall fishing! Great looking browns to go with your post! I sure enjoyed last nights phone call ... we need to do that more often.

Hello to the family,


Two Guys ~ Wet Waders & Flies

AZWanderings said...

Great looking browns. Sounds like a great day on the water.


JEG said...

That brown is picture-perfect. Not a single blemish as far as I can see. Smokin' fish! Congratulations.

Flyfishermanrichard. said...

Nice to get among some bigger fish hey!! Well done.

mike doughty said...

some solid fish!

Gary Thompson said...

Man, way to mow em down. Only a dozen or so dinks for me yesterday. Fished dries on boulder creek and then headed to the big t. Met some very cool folks though.

Cofisher said...

You are the man, I tip my Tilley to you and your skills and your fishing insanity that I wish I had.

Sanders said...

nothing to say other than wow!

well done my friend...cheers!