Nov 14, 2011

Blog roll Malfunction

But its fixed... Just need you to tell me if your not on there and you feel like you should be...

Thanks to all who run my blog on their sidebar!


Shoreman said...

I'd like to be on there.

Northern California Trout



Jake said...

I would love to be there! You are on mine!

Jake Ruthven

Bigerrfish said...

Done and Done I dig both of your blogs... Thanks for shouting out.

Ivan said...

Bigerrfish has always been on YGF's blogroll. Could you add mine?

Danny said...

Hey Man, I would love to be on there

I am trying to figure out how to put a side bar up on mine but weebly sucks, should have done blogspot ha. Once I figure it out i'll definitely throw yours up.

Keep up the posts


Mike said...

I just noticed that I wasn't on your sidebar any longer. Thought it might have been a part if the malfunction but then remembered that it's titled "People Who CATCH Trout" and realized that the omission made perfect sense. :-)

Happy Holidays, my friend!

Nathan Ira said...

You've been on our blogroll for quite some time now. So I'd be stoked to have on your list!

Bigerrfish said...

Nathan!!! Im sorry brotha... DONE DONE and DONE!