Aug 28, 2011

I Forgot The Popcorn

It's too bad too, because it was one heck of a show!
A very enjoyable time for me, watching my favorite person casting well and doing stuff.

She was in to it last night and was serious about it.

It was her idea to go out for a while, she even caught me just before a 3 0'clock nap.. We hopped in the wagon and headed for the river. Momma jumps out and bails off the side of the hill with her fly rod in one hand and the "don't mess with me" in the other... Fished just like she learned, close to far an shallow to deep... She hooked every fish in the run and only got beat up twice..

Browns and Rainbows alike.

Some neat things happened out there I'd like to share... My son Dylan was out looking for critters and finds a big golden nymph in transition who's life was obviously nearing as it wanted absolutely nothing to do with water. Had its nitro boosters strapped to its legs and could get to Dylan's hand to his neck before he could reach for it... That little fella is in the air after last night. If my assumptions are correct this species of insect is in an evolution process of getting larger on this river... This year I have seen three of the biggest golden nymphs I have ever seen. Even had to tie up a pattern named after Dylan's own words.. "The World Record" golden stone... I'll do my best to get a good photo of the natural next time I go out, as well as the pattern.

Next wild thing to happen was with a Brown Trout right around 18 inches... Summers was fishing near her feet and the rig was drifting about a foot on our side of a main feeding line where the water was pretty fast... When this big brown leaps out of the water to EYE LEVEL! Right out of the seam... We look at eachother and and the same time say... "Whoa that was a big fish"... Pretty wild to see one jump so high with no apparent top water action.

Next up on the crazy list, Her rig is on drift and looks super fishy at the time... She knows she is right dead nuts where she needs to be... Line in control and Eyes focused on the water... The flies suddenly stop and a snappy set... We both watch a monster trout Roll over... I holler "good job! you rolled him" The rod curls over and takes a pose of a lunker on the line.. Nothing happens.. The fish isn't swimming... It never did... She is snagged on a stick... and I guess, spooked a fish that was watching her flies with a snag... A few ups and down motions with the rod frees the flies and we both scratch our heads a little to this moment... The topper to this is two drifts later she hooked this Rainbow.
She did a beautiful job of handling it and Ill be darn if it wasn't on a fly that was tied with a material that she picked up for me by mistake... "In Yo Face!"

Aug 22, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday With The GO2

Sunday was good to me. All I had was two hours and that included rigging up...

I fished one hole and hooked up with eleven fish. I landed 9 of those. Three of them were browns but only two to the net... and the rest were all rainbows of size.Every single fish with no exceptions took a knock off of Mr. Takahashi's Go2 prince in the color purple, a size 14 on a size 12 scud hook. The fish above, I'll be honest, had a big head and no umph... It was my first fish of the day on my second drift.
It had been so long since I went out and stomped the bank by myself, I forgot what little I need and how simple it looks loaded in the ride.
A Sunday game of point and shoot, turned to a game of calming myself down so I could actually land a few.
Above, a Gunnison rainbow that fell through a crack.
a fat mamma featured above... She was quite the yumper!
Watch your back there lil fella...
Nose to the wind... Fighting a Friend...
Suns heading down for the night... better eat another purple buggy...
Like I mentioned above, all eleven fish clobbered the purple prince...

Tis, time to tie me more a dem!!!!

Aug 2, 2011

Whats Up Doc

Got a day on the river with a new fishin buddy.

We did the big float and we went for the fish all day long. 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. with a short lunch. Fish were eating nymphs in the morning and dries mid day...

The Red copper john stole the show there for a while, and between not having any 4x and having some... fish came to the boat and the rest of them just "thought about it."

More Browns than bows but all mad about being hooked.

Found out all the little spots on the boat that need duct tape to stop the line from getting hung up..

At the end of the day we ran the Curtain Climber hard in search of a big tub down lower in the river... Didn't find it but damn we tried!