May 13, 2012

Growing Hills

Hills turn to mountains and guard the water like soldiers here in the great state of Colorado.

A journey through these hills will take a fisherman to uncharted waters to test their patients and skills learned by countless days of tying knots and standing in water.

Although almost every angler has a favorite spot witch produces fish nearly every time, Could the factor of confidence be overlooked when reflecting back on the days success? Perhaps so...
Is your confidence working for you as a tool to catch fish?

The best gear can not be purchased.

Could it be, that, a spot, a fly rod, and a full boat of confidence is all you need to catch fish?...

Yup, that and a couple of MIDGEMAN'S super bugs, a trip over a growing hill, to uncharted water did it for us all while producing nothing more than a good group of strong Rainbow trout.

 All Rainbows on this day and fire in the fight of every one!
 A drift that was close to good with a tiny bug got ya bent up good!

 Her turn, my turn, her turn, my turn, All day long!

As you can clearly see in the photo below... The scenery was EPIC!
 The mechanics of my wife Summer reached new heights as I witnessed the finer points of her roll cast become habit and the fishing becoming much more naturally to her. I was proud enough to take a nice break and watch her through the zoom on my lil green camera.
 They swam away from our hands just like they left with the fly, Confused and hungry!
 My son Dylan still has a cast on his rod hand. Even though it certainly makes fishing difficult, he can't leave the critters found on the river bank alone.

Special Thanks on the trip to, MIDGEMAN for showing me the proper way of solving problems!
Also A big thanks to JIM for great directions to a killer spot and a nice talk at a local restaurant!

The best fishing buddies I've ever had... I have never set wader boots in the sand with.



Jim Browning said...

Josh ... It was a such a joy to hang out with you and Dylan for the evening. After having so many phone conversations, and text messages, sharing a little slice of life with you was such a thrill ... next time we must share the river!

Hugs for the family,


Howard Levett said...

Ah yes, Mr. Browning is a class guy and I look forward to fishing some moving water with him. Great photos.

Kevin Frank said...

Looks like a fun time. Beautiful fish.


Great photos and a great day! Glad you posted again...haha. The Midgeman's bugs always work...yesterday, I caught a brookie on one! Miss that guy.

LAR said...

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Robert Miles said...

Looks like you guys did real well! Pretty fish!! Midgeman turned me on to your blog and I love it. In fact I had to distinct pleasure of having lunch with him a week ago and despite his health problems I talked him into a little coaching. Two hours on the river with that guy is like being handed a gift. I think the guy is psychic when he's on the water and I've never known anyone who watches the water for a couple of minutes then just pulls out a fly box, hands someone a couple of patterns and points out fish after fish. Best day of my young fly fishing career! Thirty one fish in two hours. The guy and his patterns are killer!!!!

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Good Stuff! I'll be follower #200

Willis Roebuck said...

Talk about family bonding. I wish I can bring my wife fishing with me sometime, though I bet she'd prefer to go hiking than angling.